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Call Tracking Metrics – What Is It And How Can It Help You?

Call tracking metrics is a general term to describe the combination of technology and assembled information to assist in making fact-based decisions It is about using the results to organize and analyze performance Placing the correct information to the correct people at the correct time All[...]

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Speech Analytics for the Marketing Manager

For many marketing managers (or VPs of marketing, Marketing Directors, etc), any insight you have into what will ultimately be a successful marketing/advertising/promotions campaign is critical There is a simple way to get your hands on those insights, and that is by having the technology in place[...]

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The Benefits of Real-time Call Data

Why Do You Need Real-time Call Tracking Reports What are the benefits of having real-time call data in your hands Benefits to You: Immediate knowledge of who is responding to advertising campaigns Instant notification when incoming calls go unanswered, and[...]

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