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woman using CallFinder's speech analytics software

Audio Mining vs. Speech Analytics

Learn how companies use CallFinder’s speech analytics technology (aka audio mining) to find key insights and improve business performance.

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Key Elements of a Speech Analytics Solution

I often use CallCentreHelpercom as a resource to stay on top of the speech analytics industry, follow thought-leaders, and read opinions and advice from the experts   Although CallFinder is located in the US and serves businesses in North America, the target audience, users of speech analytics,[...]

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Call Recording Contributes to Service Recovery Efforts

“Service recovery” from a customer service standpoint is relatively easy to define “The act of turning a negative into a positive” is one way of conveying the basic premise behind this term But developing an effective service recovery strategy and executing it[...]

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Record and Listen to Customers with Speech Analytics

Aberdeen Group recently published research results after surveying users of various speech analytics solutions The results are promising for businesses of all sizes as they evaluate their technology needs, operations and development strategy, and marketing programs for 2013 Some top-line findings[...]

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Seven Business Questions You Can Answer With Call Tracking Insights

by Laura Noonan, published in Dealer Marketing Magazine Online - September 2012 It’s inescapable — we live in a world that is driven by data Many GMs, sales managers, and their teams are tasked with compiling masses of data to be categorized, analyzed, digested, and relayed back to[...]

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3 Types of Speech Analytics Technology

There are three types of technology used to power speech analytics: speech-to-text, phonetics-based, and direct phrase recognition Types of Speech Analytics Technologies 1 Speech-to-text technology is based on a large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) engine, which translates[...]

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Role of Contact Center and Marketing in Customer Relationship Management

The time is now for contact centers, customer service departments, and marketing departments to work together! Peppers & Rogers Group recently wrote an article that shares this perspective, highlight that "Visionary companies are shifting their contact centers away from being reactionary[...]

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