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5 Ways to Improve Call Center Agent Performance

Your contact center agents carry the huge responsibility of representing your business and your brand Not only are they at the front lines of handling customer questions, requests, and problems, but how they conduct themselves directly impacts the customer experience That impression can determine[...]

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Which Contact Center Metrics Should You Track?

What Are Contact Center Metrics If you understand the importance of the customer experience, you know that contact centers play a vital role in a company’s success Conversations with agents are often the first contact a customer has with a company; therefore, agent interactions play a huge[...]

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As You Move Your Call Agents to WFH Settings, Read This

Live voice conversations are a critical component of a contact center’s role in providing exceptional customer service Now more than ever, customer care and delivering optimal customer journeys are highly relevant Companies are moving all agents and employees to remote work from home (WFH)[...]

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