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Call Recording: Why It's A Smart Process

A business with a call center is one that has the potential to collect a lot of data. Call recording allows for businesses to make the conscious choice to collect the information that callers are willingly turning over to them. Some have tried to twist this into being a negative thing in some way, but that is just not the case.

The Principles Of Call Recording

Those who decide to record the calls that customers make into their business should have some principles to go by. If they want everything to be ethical and above the table, then it makes common sense to do the following:… Read more

Call Centers and Big Data: Improving Business Intelligence

When most people talk about Big Data, they think they’re referring only to the explosion of information gathered from Web sites. That’s not quite correct. Big Data is a bit misnamed. It’s not about the size of data, but about the large variety of data coming from many sources.

One key involved in Big Data is the ability to understand unstructured data, data that’s not in the simple row and column format you see in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. While Web pages is what first comes to mind for many, you run a call center. You know there’s a lot of business critical information contained in each call. Spending time to listen to each and every call is not cost effective, so you scan a small selection of calls and make judgments based on that…. Read more

Customer Call Analysis: What Happened On That Call?

Virtually all businesses have a number that customers can call into and voice their concerns, complaints, or ask questions. The content of these calls is very important and fascinating. Information that one may find on these calls could be worth a lot more than they may even realize. This is why customer call analysis is a vital tool used by a lot of businesses.

Statistics Of Calls 

The statistics that one can gather about the calls that are coming into their business are staggering. It is important to try to collect as much of this information as possible. In all of those numbers are important facts about the operation of the business as a whole. It is a matter of digging out the meaning behind all of this stuff carefully, but one should try to do this as often as possible. There is no question that the information is valuable and just waiting to be taken up…. Read more

10 Surprising Customer Service Facts to Know

Mining calls for key words and phrases will help you discover an incredible amount about your customers, what makes them tick, what makes them buy, why they’re unhappy, and what will make them more happy.

This presentation includes a lot of good statistics on customer actions and preferences, which are based directly on the experiences they’ve had with the companies they do business with.

Many businesses lose money and don’t have a strategy for improving their customer service, which greatly impacts the overall customer experience…. Read more

Call Script Compliance: Talking the Way to Increased Efficiency

Many centers do not require agents to follow scripts for fear of having agents sound robotic or they feel that they simply do not need them. Scripting will increase efficiency by standardizing information given by agents and will allow agents to feel more confident (and therefore less robotic) about the information they give. This will eliminate the need for call backs and erase other time wasting operations inherent to inconsistent communication. Scripting communication in the following key areas will greatly improve a center’s efficiency…. Read more