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Call Script Compliance: Talking the Way to Increased Efficiency

Many centers do not require agents to follow scripts for fear of having agents sound robotic or they feel that they simply do not need them. Scripting will increase efficiency by standardizing information given by agents and will allow agents to feel more confident (and therefore less robotic) about the information they give. This will eliminate the need for call backs and erase other time wasting operations inherent to inconsistent communication. Scripting communication in the following key areas will greatly improve a center’s efficiency…. Read more

Move to the Cloud for Your Contact Center Monitoring

Don’t get left behind in this great world of technology. Here at CallFinder we will help you get the most out of your contact center monitoring while providing you with affordable real time call recording, search, and analysis. We will take your contact center away from that dinosaur style hardware-based product and give you more.

Here are some of the ways that we can help you outshine your competitors.

Customers and Agents:… Read more

4 Ways To Ruin the Customer Experience

A primary byproduct of excellent customer service is a fantastic Customer Experience for the client. Oftentimes, the tendency is for a business to become so focused on their own operating methods, that they can sometimes ruin the experience that the customer has in dealing with a business. We will discuss 4 mistakes to avoid to preserve the Customer Experience:

1) Complicating Procedures

Effectiveness has to be coupled with efficiency. Long and/or complicated registration, payment or feedback processes will frustrate your customer. Their effort should be streamlined to a few simple steps. They should be quoting the Staples® button – that was easy… Read more

Why You Should Know More About Audio Mining

Is audio mining important? We think so, and we really can’t understate the importance of knowing more about it. Businesses can definitely benefit from audio mining because it enables them to manage quality control more efficiently and effectively. Read on to discover how audio mining can improve your day to day business operations.

What is Audio Mining?

Audio mining is a method that is used for the purpose of examining audio for specific instances of spoken words or phrases. Speech technology is used to identify the words or phonemes that are spoken in an audio or video file, and audio mining searches can then be used to locate specific words and phrases within the audio. These audio mining searches run at speeds that are usually extremely faster than real time, so large quantities of audio or speech can be sought in a small amount of time…. Read more

Customer Service Analysis: Keeping Track Of The Report Card

In business report cards can still exist. This happens in the form of things like the customer service analysis tests that are run. In these types of reports, the information being received details a lot about the operation of the business.


They always say that the customer comes first or that the customer is king. If this is the case, then the satisfaction of the average customer ought to be of paramount importance to any business. This is why viewing this particular data point on a customer service analysis is particularly important. If customers are satisfied with the service they have been receiving then all is well. If there is something lacking though, then corrects can and should be made quickly…. Read more