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All About Audio Mining

How mining software works and what are its applications Have you ever wondered how consumers’ calls can help you track your business, your employees, the customer experience With software programs, you can extract extremely important information from the audio recordings of those[...]

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The Amazing Data Available Via Call Analysis

Phone calls are frequently between two people who know each other well and are simply looking to share a few friendly words before moving on With business phone calls though, there is a lot more information and data that can be obtained Call analysis makes it possible to learn intimate details of[...]

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Measuring Agent Performance With Call Analysis

Your agents or employees are people who work for you and for the betterment of your company It is up to them to make sure that all customers they come in contact with are treated well This is why agent performance is important to measure frequently in order to insure you are getting only the best[...]

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Speech Analytics – An Innovative Tool for Call Centers

According to business market analysts, speech monitoring and analytics software is probably one of the biggest trends in business today These intelligent software programs provide business owners an opportunity to process the unstructured content of phone conversations with their customers, and[...]

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Commercial Benefits of Speech Analytics

How Speech Analytics Software has Influenced the Mainstream Business World Before 2004, the use of speech analytics in the United States was strictly limited to priority federal organizations like FBI But soon after the wave of globalization hit the world, entrepreneurs started using this[...]

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