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NCUCCC 2022 ballroom

NCUCCC 2022 Highlights and Takeaways

NCUCCC 2022 is in the books! CallFinder attendees, Laura Noonan, Chip Hoffman, and Allen Bergseth share highlights and takeaways from this year’s event.

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3 Ways to Ensure Credit Union Regulatory Compliance

We live in a world full of information available at our fingertips Unfortunately, this information is also available to people with less than honorable intentions For this reason, many industries have strict regulations to protect both businesses and consumers Perhaps the most regulated[...]

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New: Emotion Detection & Scorecard Enhancements from CallFinder

More Visibility + More Coaching = More Revenue CallFinder is excited to announce that our fully loaded sentiment dashboard now includes Emotion Detection! Plus, we've added time-saving enhancements for seamless visibility into agent performance and customer satisfaction levels Now with quicker[...]

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Risk Management and Compliance with Speech Analytics

In today’s contact center, risk management and compliance are not just best practices Certain laws and governing bodies regulate how call centers handle sensitive data Because non-compliant agents are a costly risk, both through unsatisfied customers and monetary penalties, monitoring calls is[...]

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office scene with CallFinder speech analytics solutions in use

What is Call Scoring?

Call scoring is a standardized way to evaluate contact center agents and provide feedback used to improve agent performance and CX.

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How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud with Speech Analytics

Credit card fraud is an ongoing concern for both businesses and customers Hundreds of thousands of financial fraud reports are recorded annually, with people finding themselves victims of erroneous charges or even worse, identity theft And while those who would illicitly access financial data[...]

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3 Simple Tips for Dealing with Angry Customers

While it's important to meet certain business expectations, such as sales and fulfillment quotas, it's just as important to meet customer expectations In fact, the customer experience is critical to any business's success That's why meeting and even exceeding customer expectations should be a[...]

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Transforming the Collection Process with Speech Analytics

One in three Americans has a past-due payment in collections today As a nation, we rank 10th in household debt, owing trillions of dollars on medical bills, mortgages, student loans, and credit cards Yet while people are carrying more and more debt, securing payment on them is easier said than done[...]

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Call Center Monitoring Tools Help Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Although the technology-oriented means of trade and commerce have provided entrepreneurs with the ease of setting up a business, it is very difficult to keep up with the constantly changing consumer demands Most entrepreneurs with big business budgets, hire consultants to plan business strategies,[...]

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