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CallFinder Announces Improved Automated Quality Monitoring

CallFinder Announces Improved Automated Quality Monitoring and Scorecard Functionality


BURLINGTON, Vermont, March 16, 2017 – CallFinder® (http://www.mycallfinder.com), a leading provider of powerful, affordable, and easy to use cloud-based speech analytics, today announces the release of enhanced features to deliver automated quality monitoring and scorecards that report on call outcomes for one hundred percent of agent and customer interactions. CallFinder now offers small and medium sized businesses out-of-the-box functionality that enables automated quality monitoring, script, and regulatory compliance monitoring, and much more…. Read more

Call Center Monitoring: Big Data's Impact On Business

The smart business owner or manager of today realizes the impact that data can have on his or her company. Call centers in particularly receive a lot of data because of the amount of phone calls that they have to process on any given day. Call center monitoring has thus become an important part of what business are doing these days.

Using The Data

There are a variety of ways in which one may decide to use the data that they have. For example, it is not beyond the realm of reason to use data to try to improve the quality of interactions between employees and the customers who call in. As a matter of fact, this is a primary use of the data that will be received. It is easy to change the tone and phrases used in a phone call by simply determining what works with customers…. Read more

Increase Customer Satisfaction With Call Quality Monitoring

When a customer calls, you want them to be satisfied with the service you’re providing. You know your employees, and know that most of the time that is exactly what they’re delivering. However, having a system in place to ensure that is happening, that customers are getting the care and attention they deserve, is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. That crucial role is where call quality monitoring comes into play.

By looking at each call, you can get an idea of the service your providing, where it needs improvement, and which employees are going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure you’re brand is getting the representation you hope for. Remember, ensuring quality isn’t just about fixing problems, it’s also about rewarding those who already are doing great, which provides positive reinforcement, and sets the bar for what you expect from all of your employees…. Read more

New Approaches to Call Quality Monitoring Feedback.

The philosophy behind call quality monitoring feedback has changed over the last few years. In the past, the process was one-way (supervisor giving feedback to agent) and was consequently often viewed as punitive by the agent. The approach has changed due to the involvement of Quality Assurance, Training, and Human Resources staff in the design of monitoring programs and the coaching of supervisors on effective feedback delivery.

Imagine that you are a call center agent near the end of a busy shift. Your supervisor calls you in to a small, windowless room. You sit across from each other.  She has a form in her hand that critiques a call you handled  two days ago. You have handled 100 calls since then. She asks you if you remember the call. You don’t. She reviews each element of the form; telling you what you did well and not so well. She focuses on your tone, which she says was unfriendly. She has monitored a bunch of calls since she monitored yours and can’t remember (and didn’t capture) any specifics about why she thought that. You half-heartedly thank her and you both get on with your day…. Read more

Ways To Improve Your Call Quality Monitoring

Anyone who has been tasked with running a call center knows the importance of monitoring the quality of the calls that are being processed in that center. They understand that the quality of the call that is received by those who are on the other end of the line is important to maintaining a level of professionalism that is necessary in business. There are a few things that one can do to improve their call quality monitoring.

Focus On The Small ThingsRead more