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3 Ways to Lower Average Handle Time with Conversation Analytics

Do You Know Your Average Handle Time Average Handle Time, or AHT, is an important metric for nearly every contact center The less time an agent spends helping a caller with a question or a problem, the more calls they can answer in a given period of time Businesses strive to have the lowest AHT[...]

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Speech Analytics: Not Just for Contact Centers

Speech analytics solutions are valuable quality monitoring tools because they provide insights into contact center performance But what if your company doesn’t have a designated contact center Can you still benefit from speech analytics Absolutely! Speech analytics can be used by any[...]

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How to Manage Compliance in the Contact Center Using Speech Analytics

Why Manage Compliance Compliance management is the process by which businesses and managers ensure compliance with certain laws and regulations When you call a business and hear, "This call may be recorded for quality purposes," that’s typically because that business is trying to manage[...]

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9 Reasons to Teach Proper Phone Etiquette to Call Center Agents

Phone Etiquette 101 Studies show that when contacting a business, most people prefer to use the phone over other means of communication But all too often the person on the other end doesn’t exactly meet our expectations This is especially true of younger generations that hardly use phones in[...]

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Understanding and Responding to Your Customers During COVID-19

Understanding Agent-Customer Conversations During Times of Crisis It’s safe to say that most, if not all of us have never experienced a pandemic like COVID-19 As the coronavirus health crisis and "social distancing" practices continue, most businesses are encouraging employees to work from[...]

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How Simply Listening to Your Customers Increases Customer Advocacy

Customer advocacy, from online reviews to social media and even word-of-mouth, can be instrumental in helping businesses succeed Businesses must offer their customers exceptional goods and services if they want their customers to recommend them Although businesses claim they are moving from[...]

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3 Simple Tips for Dealing with Angry Customers

While it's important to meet certain business expectations, such as sales and fulfillment quotas, it's just as important to meet customer expectations In fact, the customer experience is critical to any business's success That's why meeting and even exceeding customer expectations should be a[...]

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Speech Analytics Infographic: Focus Returns to CX in Call Centers

A newly-released global survey from Opus Research reveals that customer experience now tops the list of reasons to deploy speech analytics Opus surveyed over 500 of contact center and customer experience decision-makers around the world to study changes in the perceived value of speech analytics[...]

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