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Reduce Customer Attrition with Call Center Recording Tools

I just read a great article on call center recording, and thought I’d share.   It was published by Orex, which is a call recording provider, but has some good thoughts on how to reduce customer defection by using recorded conversations to gauge the customer experience a company delivers, and to gain insights on how to improve that experience…. Read more

3 Trends in Call Center Optimization

Call centers continue to change how they do business as new technology and software is developed. Companies are working to improve call center optimizationto better serve customers and reach new prospects. Trends for 2013 include the use of social media, mobile apps and outbound calls to improve efficiency and reach more people effectively.

Inbound Calls

Call centers have always focused on taking inbound customer calls, providing solutions and moving on to the next call. The newest trend in customer service and call centers for inbound calls is speech analytics technology. Implementing call recording that is enabled with speech analytics technology into daily operations provides enormous value to the business overall, as well as to the many departments within a company that field incoming calls, which hold a wealth of valuable business information. When a business adopts a speech analytics solution, they have access to:… Read more

Call Center Optimization with Speech Analytics is As Important As Ever

The multiplicity of ways in which customers seek to have their problems resolved and their questions answered is more daunting than ever. At the same time, customers are armed with social media to broadcast their experiences, good and bad, to an ever wider audience. Therefore, it is incumbent upon any company to find innovative ways to smooth that interface between caller and call center agent. It is vital for both customer satisfaction and employee retention.

Review these developments in call center optimization to assure that your call center is equipped with every modern tool that is feasible:… Read more

Customer Service Training Tips: Embracing the Complaints

Complaints come with the territory in the customer service arena. But when processed constructively, they can benefit an organization in many ways.

The word “complaint” generally carries negative connotations. However, if complaints are handled correctly and used as educational tools, the long-term positives can far outweigh any initial negativity.

Complaints can be ProfitableRead more

Record and Listen to Customers with Speech Analytics

Aberdeen Group recently published research results after surveying users of various speech analytics solutions. The results are promising for businesses of all sizes as they evaluate their technology needs, operations and development strategy, and marketing programs for 2013.

Some top-line findings from the Aberdeen research follow:

Calls Continue to be the Majority Method of Customer InteractionsRead more