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Support Your Call Center with Speech Analytics

Often when you think about a call center, negative thoughts may come to mind, and often the stories we hear of poor customer experiences is due to an interaction they've had with a call center agent Coming to mind right now is the example that gained national attention last year when a[...]

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Improved Business Processes with Big Data Analytics

Today’s businesses having the ability to amass more data than ever before, but many companies aren’t sure what to do with said data  Big data analytics - examining a substantial amount of information in order to expose hidden patterns, trends, connections, and preferences - helps[...]

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Exceptional Customer Experiences with Speech Analytics

As technology continues to evolve, people have more ways to communicate with each other than ever before And not just socially – customers who wish to contact a business now have multiple options to help resolve any issues or answer any questions they may have Yet even with all their[...]

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Reduce Agent Attrition with Speech Analytics

One of the biggest roadblocks to a contact center’s success these days is the high level of agent attrition Studies show the average agent attrition rate in contact centers is 30 to 45%(1), which can end up costing a company 25 to 30% of benefits and salary for each vacant position(1)[...]

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Using Speech Analytics to Keep Customers Happy

Today’s businesses may find themselves wondering which is more important: Keeping customers happy or making a profit Actually, they’re equally important A business cannot last if it is not making money, and it cannot make money if its customers are unhappy And the contact center is usually[...]

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A Superior Customer Experience with Speech Analytics

Providing an unmatched superior customer experience with speech analytics has become the goal of nearly all of today’s businesses In fact, a recent survey showed customer experience was above both content and mobile marketing when it came to exciting opportunities for companies And customer[...]

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