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How To Constructively Use Call Recording

Using call recording is important to make sure that the quality of all calls going through is maintained Businesses rely on maintaining a quality relationship with their customers that they speak with over the phone, and that is why they need to look at recording those calls BBC News has reported[...]

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Ways To Improve Your Call Quality Monitoring

Anyone who has been tasked with running a call center knows the importance of monitoring the quality of the calls that are being processed in that center They understand that the quality of the call that is received by those who are on the other end of the line is important to maintaining a level[...]

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Speech Analytics in Health Care

How much could a phone call cost you Health care is one industry that sees the full impact of telecommunications, both for good and for ill Unfortunately, much of the variability of these experiences is due to a lack of call recording and speech analytics The Health Insurance Portability and[...]

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How Speech Analytics Helps the Healthcare Industry

Today the healthcare industry is being called upon to serve the public in ways that are constantly changing   There is always a need to comply with governmental regulations, improve care, and accommodate patient needs   In order to meet their increasing demands, many healthcare providers are[...]

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