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Benefits of Cloud-Based Speech Analytics for the SMB

Speech analytics software was once a tool only used by large corporations that had the budget to pay for it However, this technology has been moving to the cloud which makes it much more accessible for the small to medium sized businesses that can benefit from having it Cloud-based speech analytics[...]

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Transform Customer Support Using Speech Analytics

In the eyes of the consumer, the primary differentiator between competing companies is the level of customer support/service provided In many cases, the customer service team can be viewed as the “face” of the organization which is why monitoring interactions between a customer and a call[...]

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Customer Service Statistics You Need to Know

In order to be successful today, a company needs to be focused on providing a positive customer experience While many factors contribute to the overall customer experience, one of the top contributors is customer service A negative customer service experience can affect the overall reputation of a[...]

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How to Achieve Value from Speech Analytics

Speech analytics software is more than just a call center tool It provides data that can be beneficial across the organization as a whole Of course, that is only the case if it is being used properly In addition to investing in speech analytics software, a company must also be able to dedicate[...]

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Optimize Call Center Analytics with Speech Analytics

In order to operate smoothly and efficiently, a call center must have access to the latest technology that provides customer analytics data Call center call recording software is standard It records all calls with customers for management to review for quality assurance purposes However, it’s a[...]

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Use Speech Analytics to Improve Your Customer Service

According to The Global CX Wakeup Call report by SDL, 45% of customers can’t remember having a recent successful customer experience Most failures were related to disappointing customer service: • 35% of the survey respondents experienced poor response times • 30% said the employee they[...]

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