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How Contact Centers Achieve Customer Experience Goals

While wishing to improve your company’s customer experience levels is an admirable-and necessary-goal, it’s not enough.  To achieve customer experience goals, you need to know what kind of experience it is you wish to provide your customers, and the best way to accomplish this is by listening to the customers, themselves.  While some companies use surveys to determine what their customers want, the information obtained only tells part of the story, as surveys only ask the questions that the company thinks to ask (if the customer even takes the survey, at all).  But there are so many issues and suggestions customers may have that they’re not voicing, but which are invaluable to helping a company provide a superior experience.  Fortunately, all this can be discovered via the contact center with tools like speech analytics and agent scorecards…. Read more

How to Achieve Contact Center Goals with Speech Analytics

With the start of a new year, businesses are looking to see where they can make improvements to achieve contact center goals, and improve agent performance and customer experiences. Customer Contact Week recently released its Winter Executive Report, in which it conducted a survey of a wide array of organizations to see what their priorities will be for their contact centers in 2018.  And while there was no clear leader when it came to precedence, one of the top concerns most businesses had was improving the customer experience…. Read more

18 Reasons to Adopt Speech Analytics Technology in 2018

According to Call Center Week’s most recent research report, CCW Winter Executive Report: Contact Center Priorities for 2018, the customer experience and impact of agent performance on the customer experience is being looked at by companies worldwide as an important factor in successful business practices. We’ve extracted some statistics from this report to share:

With speech analytics technology for your business, you’ll have the most powerful metrics on agent-customer interactions to be able to:… Read more

Improve Agent Performance Over the Holidays with Speech Analytics

With the holiday season upon us, people are out shopping for that perfect gift, which means call centers are busier than ever.  And whether the phone is answered by a veteran agent or a temp seasonal worker, your customers expect the same level of service and agent performance every time they call. Customers at this time of year tend to be more stressed than usual, so they want to speak with an agent who is congenial and knowledgeable. However, agents cannot convey this attitude if they are also feeling stressed and anxious. Here are a couple of tips to ensure your agents always provide the best customer experience – during the holidays or any time of the year…. Read more

Speech Analytics: Impacting the Financial Industry

The financial industry is one of the largest business fields in the world.  But traditional financial institutions are lately finding themselves vying not only with each other, but with the rising presence of online businesses, such as e-banks, as well.  Therefore, they need to make changes that give them an edge, and the best place to begin is with their contact centers.  The finance sector receives millions of calls every year, and each one of those calls contains a wealth of invaluable data.  By implementing a a real-time speech analytics solution with automated call scoring features, this data can be put to incredibly good use and provide a competitive advantage…. Read more