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How Speech Analytics Improves the Patient Experience

March 06, 2018 by Morgan Pulitzer - Last Updated: June 21, 2022

As healthcare evolves, doctors and scientists discover new ways to do what was once deemed impossible in medicine. Yet for all these advancements, there is one arena in which healthcare tends to fall behind: customer care. A survey showed healthcare was the 3rd worst industry when it comes to customer service, beating out only government services and telecommunication companies [1]. Improving the patient experience is the first step in changing this reputation, and the first place to start is in the contact center with speech analytics.

People call healthcare contact centers for a variety of reasons. Whether the caller wants to ask their physician questions about their health, schedule an appointment, or make a payment, most callers are under a great deal of stress and looking for assistance. That’s why it’s so important to ensure contact center agents are knowledgeable and helpful over the phone.

But manually listening to all conversations is tedious and time consuming for supervisors. Plus, this only accounts for about 3% of interactions [2]. This is where a call monitoring solution like speech analytics can be of great help.

Speech Analytics Improves the Patient Experience With Agent Training

With speech analytics, contact center supervisors can scan thousands of phone conversations for specific words and phrases, and converting them into easily searchable texts. This allows supervisors to effortlessly see exactly where their agents may be struggling with regards to customer interactions. Speech analytics gives supervisors concrete tools and samples they can use in coaching sessions, especially when they are teaching agents the best ways to convey empathy or solve problems in a more timely manner.

Speech Analytics Ensures Compliance

And because healthcare is a highly regulated industry with incredibly strict standards, speech analytics can help supervisors ensure agents are completely compliant during a call. Scorecards provide an even more accurate view of agent performance, and provide invaluable feedback that benefits both the agent and the caller. And speech analytics can help supervisors take a more informed look at business processes and see if there are improvements that can be made to benefit both the callers and the agents.

It is vital to remember that the person answering the phone in the healthcare industry also plays a key part in the caller’s well-being. After all, callers want to be treated as people above all. Speech analytics improves the patient experience by providing a better way to train contact center agents to better assist callers and patients.


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