Kate R

September 2017

Support Your Call Center with Speech Analytics

Often when you think about a call center, negative thoughts may come to mind, and often the stories we hear of poor customer experiences is due to an interaction they’ve had with a call center agent. Coming to mind right now is the example that gained national attention last year when a journalist attempted to cancel their cable service and was thwarted every step of the way, until they had to ask to speak with the call agent’s supervisor. Scenarios like this is what sets the stereotype that call center agents are uninformed, and not really invested in their job or the company they’re working for. We jump to all sorts of conclusions that those who work in call centers did not succeed at a previous job, or they’re working there because they are desperate for a job or are just looking to pick up some extra money. Overall, it’s safe to say that call centers employees simply do not get the same respect as other departments and positions, and are often undervalue and/or ignored…. Read more

Improve Agent Skills: Just One Benefit of Speech Analytics

Imagine having one tool at your disposal that can be used to vastly improve various departments and aspects of your business; a tool that is both easy to use and capable of providing a wealth of advantages. Now stop imagining, because you get exactly that when you have speech analytics technology.

When you apply speech analytics with automatic call categorization and scorecard tools to all your agent-customer phone conversations to scan for specific words and phrases, you can then use your findings to gain critical business insights – Insights which can then be converted into actionable data and improved business processes. And speech analytics can be used to enhance a variety of factions throughout your company…. Read more