Kate R

December 2016

Speech Analytics In Call Centers Ensure Happy Customers Post-Holidays

With the holidays coming to a close this year, it’s time to finally take a deep breath and relax, right?  Well, not for everyone.  For many businesses, the post-holiday time can just be almost, if not just as hectic with myriad returns, exchanges, complaints, and requests from dissatisfied gift recipients. And if a company has a contact center, no doubt its agents will be flooded with even more calls than usual. “Taking it easy” is simply not part of their vocabulary right now. But just because this time of year is quite busy for businesses, it does not mean it must be completely stressful.  With tools such as call recording and speech analytics in call centers, businesses can help their agents be better prepared to handle situations both now and in the future…. Read more

Keeping Customers Happy with Automated Quality Monitoring

If you’re looking to gain insights into your agent performance and customer experience, you should consider adding an automated quality monitoring solution to your suite of contact center technologies.

If knowledge is power, then customers these days are stronger than ever before. With so many people of all ages having access to the internet practically 24/7, information is readily available whenever they want, especially when it comes to looking into goods and services. As a result, the expectations today’s customers place on their experience when interacting with businesses are particularly high, and most businesses are taking notice. Ninety-five percent of customer service decision-makers surveyed say providing an excellent customer experience is their top priority, while 75% believe they can use it to gain a competitive advantage [1]…. Read more