Kate R

November 2016

How Speech Analytics is Changing the Customer Experience Game

Once upon a time (that is to say, as recently as 2005), contact centers were designed with the focus on ensuring all systems were working fluidly to support the company.  When it came to customer service, expectations were much lower, and companies could get away with putting in a lot less effort.

But times have changed, and customer service expectations have grown exponentially.  Since 2013, the emphasis in contact centers has become more geared toward hiring and training the right agents to support customers and ensure the best experience possible.  After all, contact centers interact with customers more than any other department, and are in the best position to establish and build relationships.  Businesses are also realizing that in order to serve the customer, first they must know the customer…. Read more

Use Speech Analytics to Enhance Customer Experience

When a customer calls in to a contact center, of course the primary goal is to answer all queries and settle any issues in an efficient, friendly, and helpful manner. But the customer experience is more than just knowing what your customers want today; it’s about knowing what the customers will want tomorrow, as well…. Read more