Kate R

August 2016

Benefits of Implementing Speech Analytics

Setting up speech analytics software with the correct search criteria can take some time, but the advantages far exceed the effort. Stop viewing speech analytics as something that can be used “one day”, and start realizing it is something that needs to be used TODAY.

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Monitoring Customer Experience with Speech Analytics

While some companies may find providing an exceptional customer experience to be rather elusive, those who implement tools such as speech analytics are able to attain it far more easily. By listening and reacting to what customers are truly looking for in a company, any business can take their experience from “fine” to “fantastic”. … Read more

Using Speech Analytics Beyond the Contact Center

No part of a company is an island; all departments must work together to reach true success. Speech analytics is an affordable way for companies of all sizes to go beyond improving just their contact center to improving all aspects of their business…. Read more