Kate R

September 2015

Use Speech Analytics to Create a Customer Journey Map

Because speech analytics software scans thousands of phone conversations, searching for specific keywords, actionable trends emerge which allows a company to turn unleveraged data into actionable business insights. These insights can be used to fill in the gaps across a customer journey map and help a company understand why a customer took (or didn’t take) certain actions…. Read more

5 Essential Tools for Delivering Smart Customer Service

To be successful today a business must provide excellent customer service. In order to do so, a company must be willing to invest in the proper tools and training that are necessary.

Here are 5 of the top customer service tools that a business should be investing in today:

Call recording softwareRead more

How to Monitor the Voice of the Customer on a Budget

If you haven’t upgraded from basic call recording software to speech analytics software in your call center because you thought it was out of reach, think again. An investment in cloud-based speech analytics software is less expensive than an on-premise solution yet provides access to the same voice of the customer data that is so valuable…. Read more