Kate R

October 2014

Misperceptions of Speech Analytics

To us, and our customers, it seems so clear that lacking speech analytics leaves a business or contact center at a disadvantage in terms of best practices. So, why are some businesses still hesitant—why isn’t everyone using it?… Read more

State of Quality Assurance & New Best Practices

The customer journey is becoming a shared vision across multiple touch points and various interactions company-wide. Quality Assurance practices are changing out of necessity– more is demanded of businesses and contact centers than ever before to deliver an optimal customer experience, to differentiate, to stay relevant and to remain competitive. Now, speech analytics is becoming a must-have for businesses to stay ahead of the QA game…. Read more

How the Customer Voice Impacts a Business

People feel they have stronger connections, are more productive, and get more accurate information when they talk to a customer service agent over the phone than they would over live chat or email. And they feel more confident that they’re getting what they want. Here is the data from a recent response tap study that proves it…. Read more

Should Your Call Center Agents Follow a Script?

Knowing that the customer experience is now tied directly to bottom line revenue, companies need to encourage their agents to take the initiative while on calls with their customers to build rapport, and that cannot be done through reading lines from a script and sounding like robots. At least that’s what consumers really think!… Read more

Financial Importance of Call Monitoring for TCPA Compliance

There are some simple measures that can be put into place that will ensure your contact center, and your agents specifically, are compliant with TCPA regulations and other federal laws. Don’t make the mistakes that these two global companies did and end up in the midst of staggering lawsuits…. Read more