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What Business Insights May Be Gained From Call Recording

September 09, 2014 by Morgan Pulitzer

Every day thousands of businesses are buried underneath millions of phone calls from customers all across the country and indeed the world. In the midst of all of those phone calls there are some gems to be discovered. Though many do not at first realize it, customers who call into a business to ask a question or even to complain are providing a great service to that company. It is up to the business owners and managers to find the business insights within all of that chatter.

Reasons Why People Call Businesses

There are generally only a few reasons why an individual might contact a business via a business phone line. These reasons are as follows:

  • To Ask A Question
  • To Lodge A Complaint
  • To Update/Upgrade A Service

A customer could even call in to praise a company, but this is very rare. It is more common to hear complaints from customers. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing though. If customers are calling to complain it is time to listen up and see what can be corrected going forward.

How To Evaluate The Information

The information received should be evaluated with a critical eye. This means that one listens to what is being said and tries to determine if in fact there are legitimate complaints being made. It is important to separate oneself from taking any of these complaints personally and simply try to address the issues as they stand. Even the best companies in the world will have complaints lodged against them from time to time.

Making Changes

Making corrections for customers who have complained is actually a sign of strength and not of weakness. It shows that as a business you are listening to what people have to say and that you are responding. Never be afraid to make changes when they are well grounded in evidence that changes are required.

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