Kate R

September 2014

The Legality Of Call Center Monitoring

Often we think that call monitoring is a form of tapping or invading privacy. But the fact is that in business today, it is a reality, and there for consumer protection purposes. Read more to learn about the legalities surrounding call center monitoring techniques…. Read more

What To Expect With Call Recording

When it comes to measuring an employee’s performance, you need to have established goals and benchmarks. But, tackling that is not always an quick and simple feat. Developments in technology are providing inroads and automated solutions, which is a great start to establishing an agent performance tracking and coaching program…. Read more

Is Call Recording Appropriate For Your Business?

Call recording has become a common place tool within businesses today. Not only is it critical for mitigating potential risk as it relates to litigation, but it also provides an in-depth look into the experience that customers receive when they interact with a company. Determining if the technology is a right fit for your business is the first step…. Read more

How To Conduct Regular Customer Service Call Analysis

Many more companies are recording and analyzing the voice interactions they’re having every day with their customers. Are you familiar with VoC, Voice of the Customer? It’s a trending buzzword among many businesses, and it’s critical to have technology that automates the call analysis portion of the process…. Read more