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How The Customer Experience Can Be Improved

July 23, 2014 by Morgan Pulitzer

The customer experience that one has largely depends on a lot of behind the scenes actions taken by the company that they happen to be dealing with. Some of these actions are things that have a lot of effort and thought put into them. One such thing is the experience that customers have when they call a business on the phone.

A Pleasant Customer Experience

Customers ought to be treated with great respect and patience when they are being spoken to on the phone. This may not represent the mood of the employee on the phone, but that does not matter. What is important is that the customer is handled in a professional manner and that the conversation sounds almost as if two friends were speaking on the phone.

Key Phrases in Customer Calls

There are certain phrases that should be used in any interaction with customers. These include things that represent the brand well. The brand name and phrasing should be used as often as possible. The more that a brand name is used, the more likely a caller is to remember it. This helps with bran building and is an important part of the interaction.

A Survey Of Customer Opinions

One better way that businesses can learn more about their customer experience is to simply ask those customers directly. Just allowing the callers and customers to give their opinions in the form of a survey is a huge step forward. This can help you determine where there is room for improvement and also where you are already doing great with the work that you have put into place.

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