Kate R

July 2014

Speech Analytics: Finding The Sweetest Phrases

Did you realize that certain phrases can be used to make customers happier with the service that they have received? There are certain phrases that simply work better with customers. It is not always known which phrases are the best to use and how one should adapt their service. This is why speech analytics is necessary to your business and contact center operation. This advanced technology scans your phone calls with customers to uncover hidden business insights, and customer experience metrics, which will help you fine tune your training and coaching programs to improve agent performance and therefore improve the customer satisfaction…. Read more

How The Customer Experience Can Be Improved

The customer experience that one has largely depends on a lot of behind the scenes actions taken by the company that they happen to be dealing with. Some of these actions are things that have a lot of effort and thought put into them. One such thing is the experience that customers have when they call a business on the phone.

Customers ought to be treated with great respect and patience when they are being spoken to on the phone. This may not represent the mood of the employee on the phone, but that does not matter. What is important is that the customer is handled in a professional manner and that the conversation sounds almost as if two friends were speaking on the phone…. Read more

What Makes Customers Mad? How Speech Analytics Helps

According to a recent study, conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of ClickSoftware, which polled 2,051 U.S. adults, they’re mad!Take a look at these stats.

Those are some very unhappy insights.

All of this unhappiness, frustration and dissatisfaction is causing businesses to lose Americans $100 billion annually.  Say what? Imagine what they could do if it was injected into the economy?… Read more