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Business Insights: What To Learn From Phone Calls

May 29, 2014 by Morgan Pulitzer

One might not think that some simple phone calls could make much of a difference, but that kind of thinking needs to be changed badly. A number of business insights have been created as a result of monitoring telephone interactions between customers and employees.

The Mountain Of Data

The amount of data that one is able to get just from recording all of the phone call interactions within their business is incredible. Most do not realize just how much information passes between customers and employees. Of course, it is not possible to physically listen to all of these calls, so computer programs are necessary to funnel the data.

Trend Spotting

What computer programs do best is help human beings spot trends in the data they collect. These programs are able to categorize data into any format that makes the most sense to the humans who are using the program. By doing this, the software can help determine for people what kind of things need to have a closer look. This in turn means that those responsible for monitoring this data can then go in and take a look at what needs to be more closely examined.

Gaining An Insight

By finding the trends and deciding where things should be changed, one is already making a lot of progress in the battle to make a difference for their business. It all starts by monitoring those phone calls and figuring out what strategies may be best to implement on a large scale. This work is made a lot easier by the kind of technology that we have available to us these days.

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