Kate R

April 2014

Evaluating & Improving Customer Experience – 2014 and Beyond

Customer experience is the subjective perception, or opinion, that someone has based on any direct or indirect contact with a company. This can include the service they receive over the phone, if shipments arrive in time, the packaging that the item comes in, features, the advertising to support the company and their services, and more.

Customer touch points within a company, so the areas that have an impact on the customer experience, are limitless; sales, customer service, marketing, public relations, human resources, to name a few…. Read more

Speech Analytics: The Science Of Speech Patterns

Every day that there are phone call interactions between customers and employees, there is a whole mountain of data that is recorded. It would be impossible for any person to go through every bit of that data to listen for anything. The amount of time required would be far too much. This is why speech analytics is an important approach to take to customer calls.

Searching Out Keywords 

The primary purpose of going through the data on all of these calls is to see that customers are being treated in the manner that they should be treated. In order to determine this, one must look for certain phrases and words that are used. Avaya.com describes the process as follows,… Read more

Results Your Business Can Expect with Speech Analytics Solutions

You’ve probably heard it before – it’s difficult to prove the ROI of implementing a speech analytics solution in a call center. We’re here to say that that’s not entirely true. As businesses expand their use of speech analytics software from using it in just a customer service environment, to using it in a sales and compliance environment, the ability to track ROI of the technology expands as well.

Some of the performance metrics that have been tracked and improved after implementing call recording with speech analytics include:… Read more

3 Key Benefits of Customer Call Analysis

Whether a company is making customer service calls or receiving them, all calls should be reviewed with all agents by some level of management for several reasons.

First off, this is the was that the company can learn where most of their customer service calls are stemming from in the first place. While it’s not hearing it straight from a consumer’s mouth, this second hand feedback on the company’s service or product is invaluable. And while management cannot field every call, reviewing calls regularly will give a glimpse into what problems and/or accolades are coming in…. Read more

3 Little Known Aspects that Make a World Class Customer Experience

Customers are the lifeblood of companies. Without customers, companies wilt and die. By providing a world class customer experience, you can retain current customers and even turn them into raving fans that help you attract more customers. We will discuss 3 aspects of world class customer service that help to give your customers amazing experiences:

Aspect #1 “Customer Goggles” The ability to see things as customers see and experience them is an very important aspect of great customer service. Failing to do so leads to misunderstandings and poor quality service. This ability allows you to anticipate what consumer are thinking lets say you recently reformatted the layout of your business, somone who understands their customers feelings would have had the foresight to see that the change may lead to frustration when valued customers come in and no longer can find things as swiftly as before…. Read more