Kate R

March 2014

Quality Assurance: Guaranteeing Customer Satisfaction

Have you ever called into a business call center to try to receive some assistance with something only to receive terrible customer service? This kind of thing happens in a lot of businesses, and it can be a deterrent to customers ever wanting to do business with a company ever again.

Prevent Poor Customer Service 

It is your responsibility to prevent poor customer service by using quality assurance measures. This means doing things like checking to make sure that phone calls between customers and your employees are going according to plan. This means that there should be some code of conduct rules that you have set out for your employees…. Read more

What is Call Analytics?

Self-analysis is crucial for all businesses. Quality products or services are one thing, but customer experience and perception is also equally detrimental when it comes to sustainable growth and longevity of the business. Two decades ago, in depth analysis of the customers experience and the quality of business reps was not possible. Nowadays, with the growth of technology, the software and the volume of data at hand is allowing companies to engage in complex call analytics. This helps to identify ways through which the quality of service can be improved for the end customer…. Read more

Add To Business Intelligence With Call Monitoring

If you are a business owner you already know the value of real business intelligence. The more data and information that you have, the better you can build that business. Thus, adding call monitoring as part of that equation makes a lot of sense.

Establishing Standards

It is important to have standards that are set and are understood. It is impossible to work with your employees to build a better business if they are uncertain about what it is that you are looking for from them. Icmi.com puts it this way,… Read more

Want To Know About Customer Experience? Check The Phones

You are curious about what kind of experience your customers are having as a business owner obviously. It is simple human curiosity at the very least that would have you wondering what is happening on the phones. Aside from curiosity, there are other reasons to look at customer experience.

Customer Service With A Smile

When your employees are offering a pleasant experience for the customers that they deal with, you have little to worry about. Customers who are happy with the experience they have on the phones are likely to return to your business again. At the same time, there could be cases when customers are not receiving the care that they deserve. If that is happening, you need to turn it around right away… Read more

Be Sure You Are In Compliance When Performing Call Recording

Recording incoming phone calls is an excellent way to monitor your team’s performance, and can make disputing claims much easier. Unfortunately, there could be some severe consequences for your business if you do not perform call recording correctly. Here is what you should know about call recording in order to ensure you are in compliance.

Federal law requires that if you record incoming calls for any reason, you have a duty to notify the party being recorded ahead of time. If you fail to give notification, there could be substantial fines and penalties assessed as a result. The exact fines vary from one state to another, but can be as high as $2,500 per phone call recorded. As a result, this could easily add up to millions of dollars over time…. Read more