Kate R

February 2014

Speech Analytics – An Innovative Tool for Call Centers

According to business market analysts, speech monitoring and analytics software is probably one of the biggest trends in business today. These intelligent software programs provide business owners an opportunity to process the unstructured content of phone conversations with their customers, and utilize it as a tool to extract business intelligence that will ultimately allow them to enhance interaction with customers and improve the overall customer experience they provide.

Speech analytics is a cost effective and innovative way to understand consumers’ expectations and plan business strategies accordingly.  When implemented properly and combined with best business practices, call analytics and speech recognition tools can give an organization a considerable competitive edge…. Read more

Commercial Benefits of Speech Analytics

How Speech Analytics Software has Influenced the Mainstream Business World

Before 2004, the use of speech analytics in the United States was strictly limited to priority federal organizations like FBI. But soon after the wave of globalization hit the world, entrepreneurs started using this technological innovation for various business purposes. A quick overview of this intelligent software can help users realize its functional advantages.

The main benefit of speech analytics software is the automated processing and scanning of phone calls, in their raw data form, to extract key business insights. Businesses use this data to analyze the performance of their organization on many levels, from their contact/call center, to their sales and customer service teams…. Read more

Phonetic Indexing – A Better Approach than Speech Recognition?

Contrary to the basic method of speech recognition and keyword targeting – in which the software program is designed to transcribe entire sentences as an array of words – phonetic indexing is an easy way to monitor the occurrence of certain keywords.

For obvious reasons, the technique is easy to manage and implement. Entrepreneurs can make use of audio indexing according to their needs. A speech indexing algorithm is designed on simple computation techniques for calculating the number of times a particular word is used. However, the list of keywords can be different for different organizations…. Read more

The Age of the Customer Experience

Here is a compilation of research-based statistics on the trending topic of the “customer experience”. we’ve been writing about this important topic for about a year, and there are a lot of companies that provide technology tools to help businesses discover the process their customers go through, how they are perceived by their customers, and pinpoint areas of the customer experience that can be improved…. Read more