Benefits of CallFinder's Call Recording Platform
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Benefits of CallFinder’s Call Recording Platform

December 18, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer

There are many benefits to using call recording technology, and many are just common sense, like you have a record of your sales and customer service calls to access if you ever need to verify customer information, confirm prices that may have been quoted, and capture important details of a conversation.

Plenty of call recording providers can meet these needs. But, with CallFinder, we offer a unique approach to an advanced call recording software solution.

  1. We carry inbound call traffic on our company-owned and maintained telco switch.
  2. We can archive your company’s call recordings for an extended period of time. Six months is standard, but we can also archive them for 12 or 18 months if necessary. Many other providers only hold onto your recordings for 30 days. Not good if there is an investigation with potential litigation on your hands.
  3. Our speech analytics solution runs immediately when a call ends; mining the recorded conversation almost as it is happening. This means once the customer hangs up, you can access that recording right through the CallFinder user interface, identify the spoken keywords that are important to you, and take the necessary actions. Not processing wait times, no need to access through a third-party. Build searches and listen to calls from one web interface.
  4. Our cloud-based phonetic indexing solution analyzes approximately 5,000 calls in 2 minutes!   That’s fast.
  5. CallFinder searches can mine historical recordings as well as new, all at the same speed.

Those are just a few of the reasons you should consider working with CallFinder.   That, and the fact that our solution does not require any hardware or software to be installed and maintained by your IT staff. We own and manage the equipment. Read more about our network integrity and security, and contact us today to see CallFinder’s call recording and audio mining solution in action.