Kate R

December 2013

Focused Call Analysis Can Improve Customer Experience and Inspire Customer Loyalty

Have you ever been scrolling through a list of text messages on a slightly older model cell phone; furiously searching for a receipt in a drawer or searching for a paper document in a folder; wishing it had a, “Find,” function like your web documents do? Well, when it comes to customer service phone calls, focused call analysis is what allows you to have that functionality.

With this type of call analysis, you can scan thousands of CSR/customer phone calls to find out when customers are calling in:Read more

Why Customer Service Phone Calls Can Yield the Best Business Insights

When people actually pick up the phone and call you, (in today’s web and social media friendly world), there’s usually a strong reason. Unless your business’ main target market is an older and more mature one, a phone call is a big deal.

Either it means that your customer is:

Now, more than ever, you can gain significant business insights  from monitoring and analyzing your calls.Read more

Benefits of CallFinder’s Call Recording Platform

There are many benefits to using call recording technology, and many are just common sense, like you have a record of your sales and customer service calls to access if you ever need to verify customer information, confirm prices that may have been quoted, and capture important details of a conversation.

Plenty of call recording providers can meet these needs. But, with CallFinder, we offer a unique approach to an advanced call recording software solution.

Those are just a few of the reasons you should consider working with CallFinder.   That, and the fact that our solution does not require any hardware or software to be installed and maintained by your IT staff. We own and manage the equipment. Read more about our network integrity and security, and contact us today to see CallFinder’s call recording and audio mining solution in action…. Read more

Call Tracking And Business Intelligence Go Hand In Hand

It is not possible to run a business that is successful as it could be without collecting data of some kind or another. All businesses need this because they need to know how they are doing and to measure that performance against their expectations. When the data is collected and reviewed, it becomes business intelligence.

Why Track Calls?

Unlike what it may sound like on the surface, this is not some ploy to play big brother with your employees. You are not attempting to gather information on them to use it against them or anything of that nature. Rather, you are simply using call tracking as a means of figuring out if they are doing what they should be doing. When customers call in, they should be receiving friendly and helpful service. The only way to determine if this is happening is through call tracking. Call tracking and call recording with a speech analytics solution will help you monitor the conversations taking place between your agents and your customers; track and measure agent performance and the customer experience…. Read more

Use Speech Analytics Beyond the Customer Service Dept.

Sales and customer service departments are often the two areas of a company at the forefront of the customer experience. But, thinking about the other areas of a business that contribute to the overall experience, you can see where every department touches your customers’ lives. Here are some thoughts on other departments and how they impact the customer experience outside of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service:

When you factor in these other areas of a company that at some point either communicate with the customer, or impact their relationship, it helps to realize the importance of having cohesive and consistent strategies for communicating with those customers…. Read more