Kate R

November 2013

Preparing for 2014 with Speech Analytics

2014 is quickly approaching, and now is the time when businesses are putting together strategic and tactical plans for the new year, making benchmarks, developing new training programs for employees, and looking for ways to update technology systems to improve operations.

What are you planning for your contact center? Will you be implementing a new call recording platform? If so, consider working with a company that also provides automated speech analytics technology that will mine your conversations with customers for specific keywords and phrases that you identify as important to your business…. Read more

Close The Business Intelligence Gap With Speech Analytics Technolgy

“Business intelligence, or BI, is an umbrella term that refers to a variety of software applications used to analyze an organization’s raw data.” — CIO Magazine

Every transaction you have with any customer is a vital piece of business intelligence that rains down on your organization many times each hour. To use that information requires a disciplined approach that includes your own analysis as well as state-of-the art technology that can:… Read more

Contact Center Monitoring Is A Growing Trend. Do You Use It?

Contact center monitoring is bigger than it has ever been, and we’re not using hyperbole on this one. The question is “Do you have it?” Or perhaps more importantly, “How soon can you get it?” Implementing a contact center monitoring solution is a surefire way to significantly improve the customer experience and optimize your contact center’s performance.

Once you’ve researched and activated a contact center call recording and speech analytics solution to monitor calls, following key implementation measures, as well as agent training, is critical to ensuring success…. Read more

Building Better BI Using Call Monitoring for Customer Service Analysis

One of the many benefits of call monitoring is the ability for  customer service analysis. Finding out how your customers are treated, how they react to special services, and how well your staff handles customer complaints are all detrimental to your business’s success. Building usable business intelligence through call monitoring can be a low cost and hyper effective strategy for ensuring customer satisfaction.

Discovering the “customer voice” is essential for marketing as well as successful customer service analysis. You can gain invaluable information just by tapping into the customer experience of potential and existing clientele. The lingual “body language” of a customer can give you the inside track on how customers react to your current techniques allowing to alter and hone staff selling strategies and complaint resolution techniques…. Read more

Hiring at CallFinder for Speech Analytics Sales Specialists

We are hiring for several different positions here at 800response and CallFinder:

800response-CallFinder is located in Burlington, VT – repeatedly selected as one of the most livable communities in the country, located on Lake Champlain, and just 30 minutes to the Green Mountains for hiking and skiing. If you’re looking to make a move to the Green Mountain State, or already live here and want to shake things up, check out our current available positions today!… Read more