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Speech Analytics in Health Care

October 10, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer

How much could a phone call cost you?

Health care is one industry that sees the full impact of telecommunications, both for good and for ill. Unfortunately, much of the variability of these experiences is due to a lack of call recording and speech analytics.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is the law that governs health care information and communication. Its main purpose is the protection of private patient information. For example, it’s a breach of law to divulge any information about a patient to someone over the phone without the patient’s express permission. Noncompliance with HIPAA regulations could result in fines of over a million dollars.

Of course, of even more concern is the potential safety and health of the patients themselves, when speaking to health care staff over the phone. Failure to recognize vital signs and symptoms or giving inaccurate information could possibly even place someone’s life in danger.

Still another area of health care that feels the impact of a lack of  speech analytics is simply in attempting to navigate a given medical system. Whether insurance companies, individual medical practices, or large healthcare systems, countless employee hours are lost due to incorrectly forwarded phone calls. Patient experience and satisfaction with any of the aforementioned arenas is at an all-time low.

Unfortunately, overall workforce optimization, employing such metrics as amount of time staff spend on the phone with a patient and the number of calls handled in a shift, is simply not enough to solve these problems. The good news is that the solution to all of these issues can be addressed by capturing and evaluating all of these interactions, utilizing such speech analytics technology as provided by CallFinder.

Advanced call recording with built-in speech analytics makes a number of solutions possible.

  • More thoroughly ensure the protection of patient privacy, preventing non-compliance with federal regulations.
  • Monitor patient and customer responses to evaluate trends.
  • Analyze for specific keywords, assuring that caregivers and trained personnel are not missing vital diagnostic information and are dispensing appropriate interventions.
  • For insurance companies and billing departments, make sure representatives stick to any necessary scripts.

The health care field is a prime example of how an organization can either pay the ultimate price or realize the ultimate success, depending upon their use, or lack of, call recording and audio mining technology.

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