Kate R

September 2013

How Speech Analytics Helps the Healthcare Industry

Today the healthcare industry is being called upon to serve the public in ways that are constantly changing.   There is always a need to comply with governmental regulations, improve care, and accommodate patient needs.   In order to meet their increasing demands, many healthcare providers are turning to speech analytics to monitor calls for compliance and quality assurance to assist them in providing the best possible care.

Speech analytics can be used as a tool to ensure compliance with Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).   It will enable the recording of phone conversations within and outside the healthcare provider concerning HIPPA.   Analyzing these conversations can determine any potential liabilities as well as employee compliance and customer understanding of HIPPA…. Read more

Call Tracking: Evaluating The Impact Of Marketing Campaigns

The use of call tracking services is actually something rather common in the modern business community. That being said, it is not necessarily something that is widely accepted or understood. Some business owners even report that they are worried about the prospect of using such services. They can ease their mind to some extent if they just learn a little more about what exactly call tracking is and how it is used.

Callrecordingworld.com has an article about call tracking benefits by Rory Lidstone that says,… Read more

Consider Benefits of Call Monitoring to Increase Business Insights

In today’s market,  business insights  that are creative and effective must be considered in order to attain customer leads as well as retain current customer satisfaction. There are some important and innovative concepts available in order to increase your business intelligence and ensure your customer service and marketing campaign are on track. Call recording and monitoring can increase your potential sales as well as maintain your excellence in customer service. Here are some advantages of employing a call monitoring system for your business:… Read more

Customer Feedback Surveys or Analyzing the Voice of Customers?

Which is the best way to go?   Let’s compare the two tactics and you can decide.

Customer Feedback Surveys

I mean the kind of surveys when you are on a call with a contact center, asking questions about your account, and once your issues are resolved, you’re asked by the agent if you’d be willing to participate in a customer feedback survey…. Read more

Quality Assurance Monitoring with Speech Analytics Technology

Quality assurance within a call/contact center is easily monitored and measured simply by recording customer calls (which most call/contact centers do already) and mining the audio files for keywords and phrases using a speech analytics solution.   This affordable technology will quickly scan all recordings, either in real-time or in batches, for any combination of keywords/phrases that are relevant, as deemed by the company, and then categorize every recording, making playback easy and fast…. Read more