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Industries with the Lowest Customer Service Ratings

August 14, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer

We just read an article on Yahoo!, detailing the industries that have the lowest ratings when it comes to customer service.   There are no big surprises, here is the list:

Here are the five industries with the worst customer satisfaction.

5. Retail – Q2 Customer Satisfaction: 81%

4. Financial & Insurance Services – Q2 Customer Satisfaction: 77%

3. Entertainment & Gaming- Q2 Customer Satisfaction: 76%

2. Media & Telecommunications – Q2 Customer Satisfaction: 73%

1. Social Media – Q2 Customer Satisfaction: 64%

Most likely the offending companies that fall into these industry categories are on the larger size, with outsourced call and contact centers.   But, some could have their own internal sales and customer service departments, as well as compliance departments, where the experience they deliver directly to their customers is failing.   What they need then, is to record their calls and run every call recording through a real-time speech analytics solution.   Companies of any size can use an affordable, fast, cloud-based technology provider to do that for them, automatically.   Then, they just sit back and collect the call data, neatly organized by search terms – keywords and phrases – so they can address specific departments, business objectives, and challenges, quickly.

Turn those epic fail customer satisfaction moments into ones of loyalty.

For more on how cloud-based speech analytics can be implemented into your company – easily and affordably – contact us today.