Kate R

August 2013

Call Monitoring Is A Great Way To Maintain Employee Accountability

Employees sometimes have to be monitored in order to ensure that they are following standard operating procedures, and providing quality customer service to ensure a great customer experience. Although all business owners like to think that they hire only the best employees, it is never something that can be assured until there is data to analyze.   Gathering that data is provided by technology tools like call recording and speech analytics, when it comes to capturing the customer experience during phone calls they place to your company, and therefore when they’re talking to your employees…. Read more

Call Analysis for Tone of Voice: Analyze the Customer and the Agent

Call analysis has become a popular method for businesses in determining how customer service over the phone is conducted and how it can improve. Here at CallFinder, we’ve invented a call recording and speech analytics software that manages to thoroughly analyze those conversations for the best in critical business intelligence. But what’s the most important aspect to analyzing those calls? Is tone of voice more important than some businesses realize?… Read more

Benefits of Using Cloud-based Speech Analytics Technology to Mine Calls

If you’re researching a new speech analytics / audio mining solution, there are several delivery methods to consider; cloud-based and software with hardware technologies.

Software with hardware solutions require a lot of manual management to implement and maintain, along with considerable capital investment.

On the flip side, cloud-based solutions offer many benefits, from lower financial investments, real-time data, with faster processing times…. Read more

Phone Sales, Customer Service Training is Easier with Call Recording

Business has changed in many ways over the years, and it changes rapidly at times. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the value and importance of excellent customer service. If anything, it could be argued that the importance of high customer satisfaction ratings is even larger than ever before. The continuing relevancy of the Internet, social media, and peer review websites in the business world has meant that word of mouth regarding both, good and bad customer service, spreads more quickly than ever before. Therefore, the need to effectively communicate that to your staff, especially those employees working the phone sales and customer service lines, is of utmost importance in today’s marketplace…. Read more