Kate R

July 2013

Improving Agent Performance

The frontline agent position can be extremely difficult. Juggling scripts, tasks, company policy, and procedure while listening to the customer at the same time can be stressful. Call monitoring can cause further stress for agents who may lose confidence and efficiency as they worry about accuracy and their job security. The result can be constant employee turnaround, loss of customers, and loss of business.

Call monitoring can be used as an ongoing training tool that will improve  agent performance, reduce stress, and boost confidence. Many agents are intimidated by the call monitoring system. They may feel they are not being trusted to execute their job correctly. As part of the training process, agents should know why call monitoring is critical to the company and the logic behind the process they must adhere to. If they realize how breakdowns from script compliance can result in liability and risk issues that could affect their jobs, they are more likely to strive to meet all company requirements…. Read more

Achieve Compliance Using Call Recordings and Speech Analytics

It’s pretty much standard operation procedures these days – businesses record calls with their customers.   Recording calls provides an archive of invaluable information for the business, and can come in handy if there is ever a reason to go back and research what was said during a particular call with a particular customer.

That leads me right into making sure your business is compliant when they are recording, listening to, and sharing recorded conversations with their customers.   I found this article in Connections Magazine’s July/August issue, which gives a great overview of 10 ways to make sure your business is compliant with regulations when it comes to call recordings…. Read more

How Do You Delight Your Customers? Use Speech Analytics to Find Out!

The customer experience is a trending topic right now.   Companies are in competition to go above-and-beyond when it comes to delivering outstanding service in order to stand out to consumers, generate positive vibes in the social sphere, and maintain an edge.

From an article we read, based on a book written by Steve Curtin, here are his seven critical touch points that make up a customer relationship, and how your employees can add their own special touch to each…. Read more

Speech Analytics Mines Business Data for Pure Gold

Yesterday, my family went to Ruggles Mine in New Hampshire, where you can rent a pickaxe and buy a bucket to chip away at the rocks and caves to see what you can collect.   Anything you can cut away and carry out, you can keep.   As I was there, digging away, I got to thinking that I was doing a very manual version of what companies do every day as they claw their way though an enormous amount of data, that at times may seem insurmountable, much like these cavernous arches and tunnels, in order to find the gems that will help them improve their business’ performance…. Read more