Kate R

June 2013

Speech Analytics Best Practices To Extract Key Business Insights

Often, companies see the inherent benefits of implementing a speech analytics solution, but are not totally confident that they have defined their business objectives in order to make the best use of the technology.   They also don’t have a firm grasp on the best practices to follow when using the audio mining technology.   Here, we break out several of the best practices for implementing speech analytics solutions to start immediately impacting your business’ performance.

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Maximizing Profits by Tapping Your Data Goldmine with Speech Analytics

You invest countless dollars in recruiting, training, and retaining your team of call center representatives. You equip them with the latest technology, the best leads, and a script designed to close sales. But despite substantial outlay of time and money, you are yet to see a market improvement in conversions, and you need to know why. You’re bleeding cash, and need some first aid. Pronto.

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How to Excel at Delivering a Superlative Customer Experience

Companies that provide excellent customer experiences train their customer-facing employees well.   Below are eight specific things that quality training and expert customer service companies are exceling at, along with tips on how you can improve in these areas as well.

Customer-facing employees at the best-rated for service companies excel by:

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What Early Adopters of Speech Analytics Technology Are Saying

Avoid feeling how this lady looks! Businesses are realizing how important and valuable it is to their bottom line to capture and understand the heart of their customer conversations. Learn why companies today are using call monitoring solutions like speech analytics to improve operations, compliance, and revenue…. Read more

The Voice of Customers is Key to Improve Customer-Company Interaction

Every day, important clues about your customers’ needs pour into the call center–but are you getting the message? The voice of customer calls can alert you to weaknesses within your customer service pool, problems with a product or an overall concern about a service you may have overlooked. However, spending hours mining through recorded calls or monitoring live call interaction is a limited way to obtain these clues and reap the benefits…. Read more