Kate R

May 2013

How Do You Understand the Voice of Customers?

Having a Voice of Customer, or Voc, program means you are interested in what your customers are telling you; that you want to be proactive and innovative to keep up with their needs, and you are intent on providing the best possible customer experience.

First, let’s review exactly what “Voice of Customer” is, and what VoC stands for.   Voice of the Customer is literally that – the customer’s voice, their feedback, their sentiments.   What does it mean for you?   It means success or failure, depending on the experience you deliver and how the customer perceives that experience.   It means it’s really important to ensure growth of the company and loyalty of customers…. Read more

Unlock Insights in Contact Center Calls with Speech Analytics

Today’s advanced speech analytics technology empowers contact centers to easily and automatically extract deep and meaningful business insights directly from recorded phone calls with their customers, which provides manager and supervisors with a deep understanding of customer intent and experience.

With a phonetic-based call analysis solution, your contact center becomes equipped with many capabilities to crunch data, easily and affordably, including capabilities to:… Read more

Using Call Analysis to Improve Sales Closing Ratios

Call analysis is a key component to assessing your sales force and determining if they are following the best practices, or your sales department’s processes, when they are communicating with your customers.

Telephone sales are typically lost due to a myriad of reasons. Those reasons may include, but are not limited to the following:

Using a speech analytics solution, one that automatically records and searches call recordings for keywords and phrases, is smart business practice to closing the knowledge gaps that are inevitable when it comes to pinpointing exactly where sales calls are succeeding, and more importantly, where they are failing…. Read more

Report: The Secret to Call Center Retention and Productivity

Thanks to advancements in data collection and voice of customer technology solutions, specifically speech analytics, call center operators have access to the technology they need to help them monitor agents’ conversations with customers to help determine what type of people succeed in call center environments; the qualities of excellent call center agents.   A recent report published by Software Advice, shares several tips on how call centers can identify the personality traits of excellent agents.   Here is a snippet of the full report:… Read more

Help Clients Uncover Hidden Business Insights in Call Recordings

A company’s communication avenue among their customers and their sales and service departments is a major factor in making a business more efficient and can identify areas for resource savings.

You know this all too well if you are working with clients to coach and train their sales and service agents, or if you supervise and manage an internal or external contact center.

Speech analytics technology is a highly effective way for your clients to perform mine their call recordings to glean information that helps improve operations and agent performance within the sales and customer service departments of their company…. Read more