Kate R

April 2013

18 Practical Business Uses for Speech Analytics

Speech analytics technology can be used by multiple departments within a company, works among any industry imaginable, and for any size business.   Here is a pretty comprehensive list of practical applications for a call recording and speech analytics solution:

I’m sure you can add more to this list, based on the metrics your own company tracks, key performance goals, and management strategies.   To learn how we can help you automatically start identifying trends, uncovering insights, and answering these questions, contact us today at 1-800-639-1700.   Having the complete picture of what is taking place in every department of your organization better positions you for success in today’s customer-centric business environment…. Read more

Call Recording for Quality and Compliance

For businesses that play in the world of finance, like banks, mortgage lends, or advisers, recording customer calls is a necessity to help protect your business from facing potential litigation.   The Truth in Lending Act states that there are specific pieces of information that must be disclosed during a customer call, including:

Failing to relay this information to callers can result in costly infractions.

Many companies operating in the world of Finance, and also Insurance and Healthcare, have tools in place to help them avoid occurrences of infractions, and therefore diminish their risk of litigation…. Read more

Using Speech Analytics in Your Contact Center to Drive Sales

Let’s face it – it’s all about the Benjamins, right?

To ensure that your customers are happy, you can record your calls and then using speech analytics, you can search your calls to make sure your customer service agents are doing a great job.

Well, speech analytics can be used by many facets of an organization, including but not limited to Customer Service or Contact Centers.   What about the marketing and sales department?   Or the compliance department?   There is so much knowledge contained within the conversations everyone at your company is having with your customers, and as a result, there is so much to learn and improve on…. Read more

Develop Better Employee Training Programs with Audio Mining Technology

Understanding the day-to-day activities of frontline employees is a critical component of effective customer service training activities.

Workforce training and coaching programs are critical for employee development.   Custom searches will allow companies to pinpoint any call where a customer-facing employee has been successful at saving a customer that called to cancel, or find calls where an employee has gone off-script.   These insights can help a company develop and adjust internal training programs to address a myriad of scenarios that employees encounter…. Read more

Tips to Get Started Using Call Recording and Speech Analytics Technology

If a company is looking to gain business intelligence, increase company (or department) revenues, control costs, or diminish their overall risk, then recording and analyzing incoming calls is the most affordable and efficient way of closing these knowledge gaps.

Before implementing a solution, however, there are some important considerations, such as:

There are two main technologies used to power speech analytics: speech-to-text and phonetics-based.   Speech-to-text technology is based on a large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) engine, which translates audio recordings into searchable text. Speech-to-text is dependent upon a language model and dictionary to identify words correctly…. Read more