Kate R

March 2013

Reduce Costs and Improve Revenue by Mining Calls with Speech Analytics

Using speech analytics to identify the content of calls and the associated business departments, inherently improves efficiencies by monitoring and categorizing every incoming call in its entirety and will effectively reduce costs and increase revenues.   High volume, long duration, and repeat calls will give indications of where an organization may be able to reduce average call handling times, improve first call resolution performance, and identify any causes for long duration calls that can be addressed to save agent time and the company money…. Read more

How to Measure Marketing Effectiveness with Speech Analytics Technology

With speech analytics technology, custom-built searches can track the performance of individual marketing campaigns, promotions, and monitor how specific messages are resonating in the marketplace among their customers.  Calls can be categorized not only by business unit, but be designed to get as granular as extracting mentions of  specific products and services, brands, marketing campaigns and competitor mentions.

Closing the gap on this knowledge provides companies with a well-defined understanding of successful strategies, and lets them know if there needs to be a course-correction on the marketing strategy in order to meet the fluid needs of consumers today…. Read more

Monitor the Customer Experience, Improve Retention and Reduce Churn

The front line of communication is a common focus for a speech analytics solution, in order to help companies address customer service quality within their organizations and provide actionable analysis that is necessary to build better tools and training programs for their agents. Searches built within an audio mining solution may uncover poorly handled calls, common complaints, and specific agent knowledge gaps, allowing a business to quickly identify areas that need process improvements and coaching focus…. Read more

Auto Dealer Uses Call Analytics to Gain Customer Data

This is an interesting use-case of an automotive dealer who is successful at using call recording speech analytics technology to identify areas where they need improvement; what are callers looking for, how many calls do they get related to financing, what percent of their inbound calls are due to customer complaints, and what pricing strategies are their competitors using to lure customers.

Here is a quick summary of the success:… Read more

Call Tracking Metrics – What Is It And How Can It Help You?

Call tracking metrics is a general term to describe the combination of technology and assembled information to assist in making fact-based decisions. It is about using the results to organize and analyze performance. Placing the correct information to the correct people at the correct time.

All marketing campaigns need to be tracked and analyze to figure out the best return on investment, ROI. This is why business intelligence and call tracking data is so important and needed. Think about where you are currently marketing. Do you run advertisements on the radio, TV, newspaper, and other offline methods? Now think about what tools are you using to track your results…. Read more