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The Potential of Speech Analytics

February 18, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer

Many facets of a business can benefit from a recording and speech analysis service, one that provides the ability to efficiently mine recorded conversations and capture the customer experience.
A recent study by the Aberdeen Group highlights several top reasons why companies are employing speech analytics technology to monitor their customer conversations:

  • 48% cite “needing better insight into customer sentiment” as the leading factor for their investment in speech analytics.
  • 29% indicate “needing targeted agent performance assessment and training.”
  • 25% use speech analytics to understand brand and market perceptions.
  • 21% cite “wanting to improve existing customer interaction processes.”

It is estimated that those businesses and contact centers lacking this technology fail to capture over 90% of all customer communications, leaving an enormous gap in business knowledge.

Make sure you have the latest technology on board to analzye the customer experience you deliver and start improving operations, start saving money and resources.

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