Kate R

November 2012

Audio Mining vs. Speech Analytics

Audio mining and speech analytics is essentially the same technology; some companies refer to the service as one or the other.   Audio mining, also known as speech analytics is a sophisticated call recording and monitoring technology that embraces keyword, phonetic or transcription technologies to extract insights from prerecorded voice streams.   Companies use these insights to categorize and classify calls based on a wide range of goals, trigger alerts and workflow processes, and drive operational and employee performance across the business…. Read more

Using a Contact Center Monitoring System to its Full Potential

Contact center monitoring systems have become increasingly robust and sophisticated over time. They are now able to turn even the most minute details within customer interactions into actionable information. All aspects of a business, including its products, level of customer service, and forecasting endeavors, can be enhanced through the use of these powerful tools.

However, many businesses that have implemented call monitoring and call recording programs are only scratching the surface when it comes to getting the most out of the many features and functions these systems offer. Some businesses take a rather narrow view of call center recording solutions, seeing them mainly as a means to monitor agent performance and improve customer service. But unleashing the full potential of a call monitoring and recording system can help a business gather critical intelligence and improve its overall performance…. Read more

10 Tips to Boost Call Quality Monitoring

Call quality monitoring is more than pointing out and correcting what’s wrong. Just as important is figuring out what works well and getting your employees to follow suit. Below you’ll find several tips to boost call quality monitoring and build a customer-focused system.

1. Don’t make call quality monitoring scary to employees. When the company’s approach is to find everything an employee did wrong during a call, employees might feel picked on and discouraged. Neither of those leads to improved scores or happy customers. Employees should understand why their jobs are important to the company. Remember to talk about the positives and strengths you recognized in addition to correcting problems. Praise quality work and get employees on board to find ways to improve the customer service process overall…. Read more

Call Quality Monitoring: Customer Retention a Major Objective

Call recording and call quality monitoring systems give businesses the ability to thoroughly examine every aspect of customer interaction. With speech analytics technologies added to the mix, calls can be analyzed even more meticulously in order to optimize customer service efforts and fortify existing relationships.

Companies that use call centers and contact centers understand that these are the “gateways” – or key points of contact – to their business. A call center representative is often the initial source of contact for inquiring visitors and prospects. First impressions are critical, and positive ones can open doors. However, negative first impressions will likely send potential customers to research alternative options and make their purchases elsewhere…. Read more

Overcome Business Challenges – Address Call Monitoring with Speech Analytics

As published on the Business 2 Community website – November 9, 2012

Today, all businesses are under pressure to produce more, with fewer resources.   While large enterprises have the means to invest in robust technology solutions, this has not always held true for the small to medium-sized business market.   Yet, the smaller businesses are tasked with many of the same goals of the Fortune 500 set –  reducing costs, increasing sales, improving the customer experience, and improving margins…. Read more