Kate R

September 2012

Customer Service Training Tips: Embracing the Complaints

Complaints come with the territory in the customer service arena. But when processed constructively, they can benefit an organization in many ways.

The word “complaint” generally carries negative connotations. However, if complaints are handled correctly and used as educational tools, the long-term positives can far outweigh any initial negativity.

Complaints can be ProfitableRead more

Record and Listen to Customers with Speech Analytics

Aberdeen Group recently published research results after surveying users of various speech analytics solutions. The results are promising for businesses of all sizes as they evaluate their technology needs, operations and development strategy, and marketing programs for 2013.

Some top-line findings from the Aberdeen research follow:

Calls Continue to be the Majority Method of Customer InteractionsRead more

Call Center Optimization: Success is Achieved One Caller at a Time

Competition is fierce in the world of commerce, with businesses vying for customers using multiple advertising and marketing methods in order to attract and retain business. Building a loyal customer base while continually drawing in new clients and prospects is the goal of most companies, and outstanding customer service can make the difference.

The Call Center Factor

A number of studies estimate that roughly 70 percent of customers would make additional purchases from a company as a result of positive customer service experiences. This speaks rather loudly to the level of importance that customers place on the care they receive during contact with the representatives of a business…. Read more

Seven Business Questions You Can Answer With Call Tracking Insights

by Laura Noonan, published in Dealer Marketing Magazine Online – September 2012

It’s inescapable — we live in a world that is driven by data. Many GMs, sales managers, and their teams are tasked with compiling masses of data to be categorized, analyzed, digested, and relayed back to management in every imaginable form. But, is it really happening? Are dealerships able to take on the seemingly insurmountable responsibilities of extracting the right data that will be most useful, analyzing those metrics correctly, and then making sound business decisions?… Read more

Benefits of a Phonetic Speech Analytics Solution

There are three types of technology used to power speech analytics: speech-to-text, phonetics-based and direct phrase recognition.

Types of Speech Analytics Technologies

1. Speech-to-text technology is based on a large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) engine, which translates audio recordings into searchable text. Speech-to-text is dependent upon a language model and dictionary to identify words correctly…. Read more