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Monitor Contact Center Metrics with Recording & Speech Analytics

August 14, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer

There are many important metrics to track when you manage a contact center.   Here are four of the most important:

1. Customer Satisfaction:

How happy your customers are can make or break your business – after all, in this age of online communication through live chat, social profiles, and instant messages that go viral on Twitter with one simple hashtag, a lousy experience with your business is known immediately.   With the latest call monitoring software, you have the ability to monitor customer experiences in near real-time and reverse any bad experiences before a customer has the chance to tell others.   Turning a bad experience into a good one can even sway that customer into giving you a positive review for the world to see.

2. Average Handling Time:

This is a simple measure for contact center managers to keep a pulse on the level of efficiency within their department. With simple snapshot statistics, any department within a business can monitor how long it takes for agents to address common contact center/customer scenarios.   This metric enables a business to more accurately forecast the number of agents they need on any given day, time of year, holiday rush times, and more.   And, budget projections can be adjusted accordingly, making overall operations more efficient.

3. Marketing and Advertising Effectiveness:

Call monitoring software can help your marketing department measure campaign effectiveness based on direct customer feedback, elevate brand awareness, identify successful promotions and home in on customer preferences.   All of this data and knowledge will improve agent performance as they’ll be more aware of the overall business and marketplace trends taking place, and will increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts to grow your business.

4. Script Compliance:

For many companies with internal contact centers, and those with outside third-party contact centers, following a script is key to making a sale or trouble-shooting a customer issue.   A business could be at significant risk if their agents fail to follow a company-mandated script, and may face issues with customer satisfaction and efficiency of call handling procedures at the same time.   Disregarding a single non-compliant call with a customer can lead to expensive litigation and the loss of a customer’s trust.

Monitoring calls with recording and speech analytics software provides an affordable way to ensure script compliance so that your frontline employees adhere to company rules and regulations while in conversations with your customers.

Make sure your company is monitoring these four important metrics!