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Lead Nurture…The Art of Generating, Capturing, and Selling

July 19, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer

Finding ways to increase incoming calls to your business is a strong lead generation tactic – these leads are the infamous “low hanging fruit.”   Prospects that call in and are interested enough in your products and services to take the time to engage in a personal conversation are clearly more valuable and easier to get to a sale than a visitor on your website.   In fact, the recent 2012 Consumer Channel Preference Survey by NICE Systems shows that 70% of respondents said they are successful in getting their issues resolved by speaking with a human being, and more than 50% said they have a 100% success rate when consulting over the phone with a live person at a company.   These findings demonstrate that personal contact between businesses and their customers remains the most successful interaction channel.

So, let’s break down the phone lead capture cycle:

GENERATE more qualified leads:
Using your phone as a lead generating tool is the most effective way to bring the low hanging fruit or “buyers” into your sales cycle.   Placing a memorable toll-free 800 number in advertising and marketing materials will get you 30 – 50% more potential customers than a numeric toll-free or local phone number.

CAPTURE caller data and experiences with an advanced tracking system:
Asking a caller for their contact information – names, addresses, and phone numbers is great for relationship building, but you need a backup system to combat the inevitable occurrence of human error.   Call tracking and recording services not only provides a computer back up of caller information, but the recorded conversations are invaluable to gain firsthand insights on your selling team’s capabilities, the customer experience, and how employees are responding to sales and service inquiries.

NURTURE & SELL to buyers – cultivate your database and the relationships will blossom:
With a call tracking system you can download valuable demographic information (like average household income and average home value) that empowers you to tailor your communications and make them as relevant as possible to the caller.   And, adding this information into your CRM system makes the call data all the more valuable.   Add these new leads to your mailing and prospect database, and include them in future advertising, promotional and marketing campaigns.

How Speech Analytics Technology Will Simplify The Process:
While tracking and recording customer conversations is very important, monitoring, analyzing and reporting on the content of those recorded calls can be time consuming, and a drain on valuable employee resources. To keep an edge on capturing new leads and customers, companies need effective monitoring techniques to easily assess overall trends and insights into their customers.

A speech analytics solution will not only record incoming calls but will also sift through, in real-time, the rich content of those calls, searching for specified keywords and phrases to support a business’ unique goals. Speech analytics is taking the technology of recording calls, and the practice of manually listening to calls for insights, to an advanced, automated level.   A company can use the data they discover within customer conversations to gain business intelligence, enhance revenue, control costs and diminish risk.   A robust speech analytics system will provide statistical and trending analysis, as well as ways to facilitate the sharing of these call analytics throughout multiple departments within an organization, for example the quality assurance department.

Nearly every facet of a business can benefit from real time call recording and automatic mining of conversations for everything from understanding which marketing campaigns are generating and retaining customers, assessing the customers’ wants and needs, to monitoring for competitive intelligence to gain an edge in the market.

To learn more about call recording and speech analytics solutions, read the white paper; 7 Business Challenges You Can Overcome by Recording and Monitoring Customer Conversations, or contact a CallFinder Specialist today at 1-800-639-1700 for a free demo of a speech analytics interface.