Kate R

July 2012

How Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Can Afford Speech Analytics

Until recently, only large enterprises, contact centers and government agencies could afford call recording with speech analytics.

But, with the development of more Web-based solutions, call recording and speech analytics is more widely available because there is no software or hardware installation required.   With a small investment in training time, you will be up and running.   Your business can immediately start mining customer conversations for keywords and phrases that will provide insights into all areas of the business that take on a customer-facing role.   A robust speech analytics system will provide statistical and trending analysis, as well as ways to facilitate the sharing of these call analytics through daily scheduled reports…. Read more

Develop Topnotch Training Programs with Call Quality Monitoring Software

Customer service is often the main differentiator between competing companies. Call monitoring software is a powerful agent and customer service training tool used to evaluate and improve that critical point of contact between a customer and a call center agent, sales person, or other customer-facing employee.

Without automated call monitoring software in place, the ability to measure agent performance, script compliance, and the overall customer experience your business is delivering, is challenging and time consuming…. Read more

Six Reasons Your Business Needs Call Monitoring Technology

Every company is different, but there are many reasons why all businesses with a customer-facing team – sales, customer service, etc. – should be monitoring the conversations they are having with their customers.   Customer conversations are complex, full of information, and can be a crucial resource for evaluating company performance, assessing marketing and communication strategies, and improving the overall bottom line.

Using a call monitoring tool to scan call recordings for bits and pieces of conversations not only saves a company time and money, but also provides multiple benefits, which all departments can leverage.   Businesses can use call monitoring speech analytics technology to:… Read more

Build Customer Relationships with Speech Analytics

The company-customer relationship is certainly not a simple one.  It is complex and multifaceted with a lot of moving parts.   Capturing your customers’ conversations provides you with a wealth of knowledge – also known as business intelligence – to better understand your position in the market, understand your customers’ preferences, and stay ahead of the competition…. Read more

Lead Nurture…The Art of Generating, Capturing, and Selling

Finding ways to increase incoming calls to your business is a strong lead generation tactic – these leads are the infamous “low hanging fruit.”   Prospects that call in and are interested enough in your products and services to take the time to engage in a personal conversation are clearly more valuable and easier to get to a sale than a visitor on your website.   In fact, the recent 2012 Consumer Channel Preference Survey by NICE Systems shows that 70% of respondents said they are successful in getting their issues resolved by speaking with a human being, and more than 50% said they have a 100% success rate when consulting over the phone with a live person at a company.   These findings demonstrate that personal contact between businesses and their customers remains the most successful interaction channel…. Read more