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Contact Center Monitoring Benefits all Departments in A Company

June 20, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer - Last Updated: September 15, 2022

A call center or contact center is the gateway to a company or organization. Its agents are the gatekeepers, and their initial interaction with callers is the first impression for customers and buyers. An existing or potential customer’s experience with a contact center and its representatives will often influence their overall view of a business. And it will definitely affect whether customers make repeat purchases, or go elsewhere to do business.

Contact center effectiveness is measured in a variety of ways from an internal standpoint. But from the customer’s perspective, a fulfilling call center experience revolves around the following factors:

  • Sincere attentiveness on the part of representatives
  • An agent’s knowledge and expertise surrounding products and services
  • An agent’s ability to promptly disseminate information
  • Expediency within the conflict resolution process

Contact Center Monitoring Ensures Efficiency

In order to ensure contact center quality and efficiency, many companies have implemented call center monitoring solutions. These include speech analytics solutions that not only enhance call center performance, but that also benefit the customer and the company overall.

The latest call monitoring technologies allow company management to optimize agent preparedness through education and training programs that are more focused and precise.

Contact center monitoring is also advantageous to a business in regard to product improvement and the ability to stay on top of marketplace trends. Call analytics will provide insights on competitor strategies, and can help mitigate risk and expedite dispute resolution.

Between detailed and accurate performance measurements and customer feedback and insights, call center monitoring enables a company to get the most out of its customer service and support efforts, which in turn leads to success in every area of business.

How To Implement Speech Analytics

The ability to locate key phrases in customer conversations provides a much more powerful benefit than working with a typical call recording service. A robust speech analytics solution like CallFinder will provide statistical and trending analysis, as well as ways to facilitate the sharing of these call analytics through daily scheduled reports.

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