Kate R

June 2012

How Do Your Customers Express Dissatisfaction?

As you probably know, customers will express themselves in myriad of ways – especially if they are unhappy.

If one of your business goals is to reduce the number of unhappy customers (hopefully that is a goal of every company), then you can use a speech analytics solution to easily identify unhappy customers and start to reverse their opinions by reaching out to them, righting the wrong, and converting them to happy customers.

When setting up searches within your speech analytics application, be sure to include some of the words and phrases below if you are trying to segment and categorize calls based on customer dissatisfaction…. Read more

Contact Center Monitoring Benefits all Departments in A Company

A call center or “contact center” is the gateway to a company or organization. Its agents are the gatekeepers whose initial interaction with callers creates the first impression for customers and buyers.   An existing or potential customer’s experience with a contact center and its representatives will often strongly influence their overall view of a business, and will definitely affect whether customers make repeat purchases, or go elsewhere to do business.

Contact center effectiveness is measured in a variety of ways from an internal standpoint. But from the customer’s perspective, a fulfilling call center experience revolves around factors such as:… Read more

Consumers Rely Heavily on the Contact Center to Resolve Issues

NICE, a provider of speech analytics, recently released results of a Consumer Channel Preference Survey.   The findings show that about 50% of respondents turn to live agents in a contact center to resolve issues.

According to the report, “Almost half of the respondents noted that if they are unable to accomplish a task on a company website, they will then turn to the contact center to resolve their issue. This is often due to the fact that respondents find complex tasks difficult to complete via the web self-service channel. As self-service channels are more often used for easier tasks, the contact center continues to evolve to “Tier 2″ status, for taking care of escalated service requests.”… Read more

Is Your Business Compliant?

Are you in the business of revenue recovery?   If so, you need to know this…the mini-Miranda should be your agents’ best friend.

Legally, your agents all MUST be reading a mini-Miranda to the people they are calling.   Do you know if your agents are doing this?   If not, the risk to your business is incredibly high.

One way to ensure you have a high rate of compliance in reading the mini-Miranda is to implement a speech analytics solution to monitor agent/customer conversations and compliance tracking.   All you have to do is plug in the key words and phrases used in your script where the mini-Miranda is recited, and the speech analytics application will pull out those specific calls, showing you the compliant calls.   Flip the switch in the application to show all calls that do not contain those key words and phrases, and the result is a compilation of recordings that are non-compliant…. Read more

Speech Analytics Software Helps Companies Harvest Business Intelligence

In today’s ultra-competitive world of commerce, where gaining an “edge” is more of a challenge than ever before, many companies find themselves in an almost perpetual state of repositioning as they work to leverage their strengths, offerings and assets. Strategic adjustments may entail restructuring, re-branding or reinvigorating the company website as efforts are undertaken to reduce costs while at the same time become more efficient in targeting and attracting customers…. Read more