Kate R

May 2012

Cosmetic Surgery Center Uses Call Recordings to Track Patient Preferences

This customer uses CallFinder recording, search and analysis to monitor marketing performance and discover what treatments and procedures their patients are looking for.

The practice quickly gained the business intelligence they needed to justify a shift in marketing campaigns, with the rationale coming straight from their customers. Based on the insights they extrapolated from the call center recordings, the practice developed a new marketing program to promote multiple procedures at one time — a direct result of what they learned about customer desires through the CallFinder call monitoring system…. Read more

Improve the Customer Experience with Recording & Analytics

Search definitions within CallFinder were established so that calls were categorized according to product name and trial period. Company managers accessed only those relevant call recordings to review the feedback, which in turn provided them with crucial intelligence on which products were going to be successful in the marketplace and generate a high level of customer satisfaction…. Read more

Call Quality Monitoring Helps to Maximize Agent Performance

Unless a business caters to a “niche” market or otherwise carries some type of specialty product, there are, generally speaking, countless other companies that have similar offerings. With so many choices available, businesses should consider just what it is about one product or company that makes consumers prefer it to another.

Yes, there are certainly differences in product quality from one company to the next, although they can be subtle. But all things being relatively equal, the level of customer service a business provides will oftentimes be the deciding factor that makes consumers choose one company over another…. Read more