Kate R

December 2011

5 Ways to Improve Operations Efficiency with Speech Analytics

It takes time and resources to listen to call recordings and identify those that need your attention. Speech analytics technology is the process of analyzing recorded calls for you to glean information that helps improve operations within the sales and customer service departments of a company. When in place, this powerful technology brings structure to customer interactions, and sheds light on business intelligence that is contained in telephone interactions, that is otherwise only accessible by listening to entire call recordings…. Read more

What is Call Tracking, Call Monitoring, Speech Analytics?

Business of all sizes can attest to the fact that there are many benefits to having access to call data.

Real-time Call Tracking reports provide advertisers with a wealth of precise information on incoming calls to your toll-free vanity number. Typically, the reports are accessible online, and are updated and maintained in real-time so that call data is always current. This means that businesses can monitor their ad campaigns as soon as they start running, and monitor incoming calls as a result of a TV spot, radio spot, promotion, etc…. Read more