Kate R

November 2011

Call Center Times – Improve Operations Efficiency with Speech Analytics

published in Call Center Times, November 28, 2011

It takes time and resources to listen to call recordings and identify those that need your attention. Speech-detection technology, also known as speech analytics, is the process of analyzing recorded calls for you to glean information that helps improve operations within the sales and customer service departments of a company. When in place, this powerful technology brings structure to customer interactions, and sheds light on business intelligence that is contained in telephone interactions, that is otherwise only accessible by listening to entire call recordings…. Read more

Three Quick Ways to Impact Business Performance

Today, businesses are under pressure to produce more, with fewer resources. Striking the right balance between expenses for efficient operational tools and resources, and growing sales to support those expenses, presents a challenge for dealerships.

Finding ways to optimize operational efficiency in order to improve productivity, save time and resources, and reduce costs may sound like the elusive magic bullet…But, starting with ”˜the basics’ (like your phone) and building image and analytics to support that solution, will go a long way toward positively impacting your business performance…. Read more

Speech-Analytics in the News – Capture the Voice of the Customer

Companies throughout multiple industries claim they capture and understand the voice of the customer. However, in order to know if they really are focused on this information, they have to dig deeper into how they gather feedback and manage relationships. Is speech analytics in place to truly capture the voice, or are they simply asking “yes” and “no” questions, leading the customer into agreement?

This recent opinion piece in the U.K.’s The Drum, stresses how easy it is to find evidence of broken relationships between organizations and their customers. When an organization is on the receiving end of criticism, complaints and even official investigations, it’s obvious they aren’t using speech analytics to truly capture – and listen to – the voice of the customer…. Read more