Improve Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

Call Monitoring Software Offers Instant Access to Market Intelligence

By capturing customer conversations, businesses will gain a wealth of knowledge to realize their position in the market and better understand their customers’ preferences.

With CallFinder speech analytics and call recording software, you can create customized searches to track the performance of marketing campaigns, promotions and key messages. Not only can you categorize search queries by business unit, but you can also create search criteria as granular as necessary to monitor call compliance and glean information about specific products and services, brands, marketing campaigns and competitor mentions. With precise call center monitoring, you can extract the maximum market intelligence from your customer conversations.

For example, CallFinder’s call monitoring software can help your marketing department measure campaign effectiveness based on direct customer feedback, elevate brand awareness, identify successful promotions and home in on customer preferences.

All of this data and knowledge will improve agent performance and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts to grow your business.

To learn about other ways that CallFinder speech analytics and call monitoring software can help your business improve its marketing effectiveness and achieve call quality assurance, please call a CallFinder Specialist at 1-800-639-1700 and schedule an online demonstration.

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